Israel Fights Back

Israel Fights Back

Written by Esther Lehman

We are Jews who ultimately want to live in peace, we are a peace loving nation, our religion is one of peace and love. We have suffered so many horrific murders from many nations and religions over the centuries, and even after all the progroms and holocaust, we forgave our tormentors. Jews have the unique ability to be happy, upbeat and thrive, and tend to bring much luck to the societies amongst which we live. Jews have brought many wonders into this world with our technical, medical and agricultural developments. Yet the world still hates us, and the world will always prefer the Arabs, even after the trail of death and destruction they leave behind them. Israel Fights Back against BDS, Antisemitism, hatred and Terror.

The Arab Israeli “conflict” has gone on way too long and in many ways the media has a lot to do with it. News channels Media Sources such as CNN and the BBC have been known to fabricate news for many decades now, instigating hate and animosity towards Israelis. They constantly askew and warp acts of terror to make the Israelis look like the guilty party, even though we know the opposite is true. The IDF is the most humane army in the world, they sacrifice their own lives to avoid killing “civilians”. How is the media always at the right place and time to “catch” the breaking news? It is no secret that the news media pay the Arabs to create riots and act out different scenarios to create news. Arab youths throwing stones at Israeli Soldiers is edited for their video footage to change the story around, showing it as though Israeli Soldiers are attacking Arab youths for no apparent reason. What a great story, the news that evening reports that Israeli Soldiers attacks Arab youths.

Arabs and Jews live together, work together and even hang out together and our daily lives are very intertwined. Unfortunately through much bad experience, the Jewish people have learned to never trust an Arab, no matter how long you may have known him or her. Since October 1st 2015, there have been more than 1,000 Arab terror attack, averaging on four terror attacks per day. The attacks are completely random, there are knife attacks, car ramming, molotov cocktails, shooting, rock throwing and more. Our victims are all innocent people, ranging from teens, children and babies, to men and women. Their attacks are so vicious causing many fatal or serious injuries just because we are jewish. The terrorists are not a typical profile, varying from young Arab girls, Arab teenage boys, Arab men and also Arab women.

We are not going to apologize for our existence or for our right to live in Israel. We will never give up our land, because we are Israel, A Nation of Warriors. All we want is to live in peace, but this will never happen because Arabs will never allow us to have peace. They have made it more than clear that they want the destruction of Israel and the Jews around the world.

Israel Fights Back wants the world to wake up and see that the Arabs are very soon going to turn their attention on them. Most of the European countries have been invaded by Arab immigrants and refugees. Arab terror has already been experienced in America, France, England and more. Hey World, this is not just an exclusively Israeli problem anymore, we must realize that we are in grave danger. We need for the world to stop hating Israel and learn to love us for peace.

Article written by Esther Lehman for Israel Fights Back

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